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Sheeter Web Treatments

Effective Web Treatment Units

MarquipWardUnited offers a wide range of decurling solutions:

3-bar Progressive Decurl:

Features decurling in 3 stages with registration on sheets from micro flutes to double wall.

Triple Station Decurler:

This deculing option is the ultimate for removal of strong web curl, featuring 3 decurling units both above and below the web.

Each type of decurler is adjusted independently and the action is programmable.
Up and down curl can be corrected without re-threading.

MarquipWardunited Sheeter Linear Dancer

MarquipWardUnited offers three levels of tension control systems for sheeters:

Predictive Tension Control:

This is a simple but effective form of sheeter tension control using the central PC control to calculate the required tension relative to an initial set point and reducing unwind reel diameter. Settings are adjusted during acceleration and deceleration.

Load Tension Control:

This system is a used for more demanding unwinding applications. Basically it uses the predictive tension control software utilises a pair of load cells to fine tune the tension control. As the load cells are operating in a small adjustment range they can be set to respond extremely quickly without loosing web stability for your sheeter.

Rotary Dancer:

This is the top of the range tension control system and most useful when eccentric reels are run.Stable performance with closed-loop control. Linear tension throughout rotation with large accumulation in a small package.

MarquipWardUnited Sheeter Triple Station Decurler